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ISU - I Squeak You
Last updated at 4:56 pm UTC on 16 January 2006
UNDER DEVELOPMENT! - Last version 3/April/2002

Authors: Diego Gomez Deck, Federico G. Stilman

Project Description

ISU (I Squeak You) is an Instant Messenger completely written in Squeak (like ICQ, or AIM).
The original motivation for ISU development was to get an example application for rST - Remote Smalltalk, a framework for distributed objects developed by Diego Gomez Deck. The main goal was: "Let's make an network application but thinking not in networks/protocols/etc". After we get an real IM working we start to think: "Great, let's continue... Squeak really need an IM", so now ISU is an independent project.

ISU - Try it now!
ISU - List of Servers currently running
ISU - How to connect to a server
ISU - How to set up the server


Known problems of this version

ISU - Design notes



ISU - I Squeak You

Wish List


Uploaded Image: ISUOnline.gif

Uploaded Image: ISUOffline.gif