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Eddie Cottongim
Last updated at 3:33 am UTC on 22 March 2007
email: eddie AT cottongim DOT org.

I use Squeak for music tools, math exploration, and other misc. projects.

I studied at Georgia Tech with Mark Guzdial and the Squeakers.

Current Projects:

Morphic benchmarks:
10 browser:
time _ 0.
saveMorphs _ self currentWorld submorphs.
3 timesRepeat:[
self currentWorld removeAllMorphs. "heh, heh"
time _ time + (Time millisecondsToRun:
[ "MessageTally tallySends:["
1 to: 10 do: [:i | Browser fullOnClass: SystemDictionary selector: #abandonSources].
self currentWorld submorphs do: [:m | m delete. self currentWorld doOneCycle] "]" ]).
self currentWorld addAllMorphs: saveMorphs.

time/3 asFloat

Win 2k, p4 2.8g.

2.8 -> 1531.3
3.6 -> 3398.3
3.7 -> 6100.6
3.8 -> 9921.6
3.9a 6681 -> 5698.3

Goodies from me:
Eddie Cottongim - a framework for sound analysis.
Metronome - a simple metronome.
Speedy Morphic
Morphic Whining Area
Class Comment Drafts
BMP Writing Plugin
PVS Calculation for 2D UIs

Some pretty pictures: (attachments)