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Last updated at 10:09 am UTC on 19 January 2017
Squeak 3.4 screenshot

About Squeak

Squeak is a tightly integrated software development environment for live software construction using the object-oriented programming language Smalltalk. It runs on many computers and operating systems. Squeak is free and open source. Squeak has its own unique place in the universe. A growing community of Squeak developers and users meet here to share facts and pointers to other Squeak related websites.

Getting Started with Squeak

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Using Etoys

If you're interested in the Etoys scripting system and its uses in education, you should look at the Squeakland web site. There are tutorials and a number of other resources there for your use. You should also get the Squeakland release from that site rather than the releases discussed here if you're primarily using the Etoys environment or working with kids.



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