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All Projects
Last updated at 7:52 am UTC on 31 August 2022
Note: Most currently maintained and downloadable projects and applications within Squeak can now be found on SqueakMap. A wider variety of projects (and level of maintenance) appears below.

The following categories will jump you into the full listing:

Audio Benchmarks Cleanup Documentation Fonts Games

Graphics Hardware Language LowLevelProjects Mathematics Morphic

Networking Persistence PlatformSpecific ProgrammingSupport

SpeedUpStandardSystem UserInterface Web Uncategorized

Feel free to add entries, and try to keep them in alphabetical order. Please include the name of the project maintainer, a description, the most recent release of the system in which it has been tested, any other packages it requires, and where to get it. Go ahead and link the title of the package to any more detailed web page that exists for it.

This page combines the older VanIsleCampSmalltalk2015, Tools, and Packages pages.

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Question: what items should included in the templates? Potential items:


2002-02-28: The downloaded file (downloaded several times with several browsers) is rejected by WinZip as not a valid zip file. Can anyone fix this or provide an alternate source? Will this play with versions 3.0+?


Cleanup Projects







Low Level Projects

Projects working on Squeak at a low level, e.g. the Virtual Machine.


BlueBook Simulation

Morphic projects

:- Author: Ned Konz



Object databases and Squeak clients

Computer platform Specific

Programming Support

Speed Up Standard System

Plugins to speed up the standard system. See also Maximum Squeak.

User Interface


Web Projects


These projects either haven't been categorized yet, or just don't seem to fit anywhere.

See also Goodies.