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(obsolete) BFAV2
Last updated at 2:11 am UTC on 26 January 2020

BFAV has been replaced by the Mantis Server

The information on this page is maintained only for its historical value.

The second major version of the (obsolete) BFAV; the BFAV 1.x object model was overhauled and extended in BFAV 2.x to support the BFAV Server.

Installing BFAV2
How to use the BFAV2
How to use the BFAV2's reviewer notepad
Managing BFAV Posts
How to use the BFAV2 server directly
BFAV2 Release 2.31
BFAV2 Release 2.30
BFAV2 Release 2.11 / 2.12
BFAV2 Release 2.10

BFAV2 Feature Requests
BFAV2 Release 2.10

BFAV Troubleshooting Q&A:

Q: When I try to open the BFAV, my image locks up (or I get weird errors, such as "23532.eml not found")!

A: If you are using Windows, make sure you have a 3.6.2 or more recent VM. Earlier versions have problems with the HTTP code. You can grab it from the Squeak FTP Site.

If you are still unable to install or open the BFAV, you should make sure that you are using a "fresh" version of the latest Squeak alpha image. ("Fresh" meaning you haven't loaded a bunch of other things into the image.) Then install the BFAV2 Installer package from SqueakMap into your fresh image. If you are still having problems, as a last resort you can try deleting or renaming the "email-file-repository" directory in your Squeak directory, which is where all of the cached fixes are located... something may be wrong with your cache.

Q: My mail server requires authentication; I get a debugger when I try to send mail via the BFAV client!

A: The BFAV client uses the in-image SMTPClient, which doesn't handle authentication currently. (Support for this will probably be added soon. For now, you can hack the method SMTPClient>>login and hardcode your own smtp login & password, which should work.)

Q: I sent a mail to the squeak-harvest list but the mail doesn't appear in the BFAV client!

A: Currently the BFAV server is subscribed and listens to two mailing lists: squeak-dev@lists.squeakfoundation.org and squeak-harvest@lists.squeakfoundation.org

The first of course is our standard mailing list whereas the second is a publicly readable list but is intended to only be used by BFAV2 in a private manner.

Whenever manually sending out any new report or a comment on an existing report and not using the facilities provided by the BFAV2 client ALWAYS send them to squeak-dev@lists.squeakfoundation.org without exception. squeak-harvest@lists.squeakfoundation.org is an open list to ensure that anyone anywhere can use BFAV2 without having to sign up on a new mailing list. However because of this the BFAV2 server itself ignores any posts that do not originate from the BFAV2 client so that we do not end up with a bunch of spurious entries in BFAV2 (possibly including spam and virus output).

Whenever you use BFAV2 to send out a report you sometimes have the opportunity to choose to send the report to either 'Squeak List' (squeak-dev@lists.squeakfoundation.org) or 'BFAV Server' (squeak-harvest@lists.squeakfoundation.org). To decide which to choose consider:

  1. If your report and comments are not likely to be of any interest to anyone other than the harvesters then choose 'BFAV Server'.
  2. In any other case choose 'Squeak List'.

In general if your report contains nothing more than a simple review of an existing report and it's intended audience is the harvester who will decide whether or not to approve the submission then you can choose 'BFAV Server'. However if you post contains any new information, whether as code in a submitted attachment or in the body of the message then that post should be sent to the 'Squeak List' where it is more likely to be seen.

If you are at all uncertain then choose 'Squeak List'.

Q: I open BFAV2 and get a message like 'Failed to download "<your Squeak image's default directory>\mail-file-repository\bfav.squeakfoundation.org\listing.zip"'

A: You installed BFAV2 without using the BFAV2 Installer package, and you're thus missing Steve Swerling's HttpClient package. Install that and the problem will disappear. (But still - you should ALWAYS install BFAV2 using "BFAV2 Installer" even if you're just going to upgrade to the latest bleed-edge, pre-release version.)

Q: When I ask BFAV2 to load updates, it says it finds no updates. Yet I know there are new posts on http://bfav.squeakfoundation.org/listing

A: Your listing file is corrupt. Close your image and delete
and try again.

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