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Who's Where
Last updated at 8:59 pm UTC on 10 April 2015
We're collecting names of Squeak enthusiasts in cities all over the world to spawn a new User Group when a city hits critical mass.

Entries should be sorted geographically, so if two states are near they should be listed together. How about a West-to-East, North-to-South order?

There's a nice map at http://www.chrisburkert.de/index.php?node_id=50. The coolest would be to make this a click-map and have those links produce the names of the squeakers. – sbw

There also is the Squeak Frappr map at http://www.frappr.com/squeak.

North America

South America




New Zealand


(Also, see Squeak groups for information on local Squeak user groups in your area.)